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Improving Production & Lowering Lifting Costs


Advancing Pump Technology Corp. (“APT”) is bringing new ideas of high-performance rotary gear pumps to the market. Our patented APT pump technology offers viable alternatives with significant upside benefit over other pumps used in a wide range of industries. When deployed in the oil and gas industry, they offer clear advantages over the conventional ESP, conventional rod pumps, gas lift, PCPs and HPS pumping systems that are currently in use.


The APT management group has decades of experience in dealing with some of the most challenging pumping issues in the world, having experienced firsthand where many other pump designs have fallen short. Their determination to find “a better way” has driven APT to develop innovative solutions to meet extreme pumping challenges.

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The downhole motor driven rotary gear pump system (ESP-RGP) design differs from the more common ESP that is used for Artificial Lift in that the ESP-RGP is a robust, high volume, low speed positive displacement gear pump that has the ability to operate throughout ranges untouched with centrifugal pumps. The ESP-RGP delivers optimal production and does so in a cost-effective, energy efficient manner. Adaptable to all ESP vendors diameter and bolt patterns.

Advantages/benefits over other Artificial Lift pumping systems:

  • Pump efficiency range:  70-95%

  • Ability to handle high gas fractions, >50%

  • Reduced power consumption, >40% as a result of less HP to operate the high efficiency gear pump

  • The ESP-RGP can generate the same pressure (lift) that is ~1/10th the length of the equivalent centrifugal pump

  • In a RGP, the thrust is radial.  Thrust in an ESP is primarily axial.

  • Flow is independent of pressure. You can change the flow without upsetting the pumps efficiency – displacement is a function of speed.

  • Reduced overall length allows landing the intake either in the vertical or horizontal section of the wellbore to maximize drawdown and productivity.

  • Meets client needs with immediate reduction of carbon footprint

  • Smaller size and more efficient are distinct advantages, i.e., locating a pump in the best position within a wellbore or easier to configure for portable pumping

  • Smaller size and less power consumption opens portable pumping markets

  • The Artificial Lift market in the oil and gas sector is estimated to reach $9.7 billion by 2026, and to exceed $54 billion across all sectors.

  • APT's innovative ESP-RGP technology features & benefits the following areas:

  1. A large reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  2. Clean technology

  3. Environmental Innovation over Conventional Pump Technologies

  4. Geothermal Energy

  5. Growth and Diversification in the following multiple industries:  Mining, Agriculture, Lithium, Oil & Gas


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Al Ramooz National LLC

Enhanced Oil Recovery Investments LLC




Kim Pollard  |  President

Ryan Chachula, P.Eng 
|  Engineering Manager

Head Office

PO BOX 72121, RPO Glenmore Landing
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2V 5H9

Tel: 403-874-5689

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